Dirty Lapin

This is a collection of dirty pictures. Dirty as in NSFW. Dirty as in be age of majority wherever you live to view.

I don't own these pics, I just re-blog them. Everything sourced from the internet. If you own one of these photos and would like it removed, let me know.

If you recognize a picture of yourself here, SEND ME MORE.

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TRADE: The terms ‘trade’ and ‘rough trade’ come from slang going back to at least the 1800s and refer to masculine blue-collar men who would let fags service them for cash or other benefits. (The ‘rough’ was generally applied to men who were more likely to work a fag over or become violent.) In big cities many hustlers present themselves as ‘straight’ trade to entice fags who are attracted to straight males only. Other fags hang out at straight biker bars or strip clubs to be around the type of men they admire. Bootlickers say they have some luck with straight bikers. For anything else, seek them out elsewhere, not in front of their buds.

He calls the shots.